The course was a great learning experience with a great deal of practical application that I was able to quickly integrate into my practice. It was well worth the time and effort. 

Dr. Lisa Fox Wright DVM, IVAS CVA, CVFT, GD VCHM 

Very beneficial! It gave me a deeper understanding of how the oils work based on their individual components and chemical make-up, along with how they can be integrated into to my work as a veterinarian.



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Kendra Fryburg, DVM, CVA



Dr. Lisa Fox Wright DVM, IVAS CVA, CVFT, GD VCHM




Dr. Nancy Brandt 




​SPARK Education

with Dr. Nancy Brandt 

Dr. Nancy Brandt DVM, CVC, CVA, CVMA, attended the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical School and graduated with honors in 1990.  Before attending medical school, she attained a 5-year triple BA degree in biology, chemistry and physics.  In 1998, she began her studies in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, chiropractic medicine, naturopathic modalities like homeopathy and pioneered the field of Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy®. She has studied human behavior models since 2004, and uses aromatherapy to assist the collective consciousness of the pet and guardian relationship.

 In 1999, she founded the Natural Care Institute, an exclusive holistic veterinary practice focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine and other modalities for animals. She has a truly integrative approach to health.  She has traveled worldwide promoting a holistic approach to living, thriving and healing.

 She is the Mother of 3 lovely children and 1 grandchild, dogs and horses.  It has been her lifelong dream to be an educator for the medical field.

In 2006, she designed and taught, the only one-of-its-kind curriculum for training veterinarians, veterinary technicians and the public on the Safe and Effective use of Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy®.

 In 2015, she founded the VMAA – the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association.  This organization is dedicated to setting the standard of practice of aromatherapy in animals and educating the veterinarians in this vital art form.  This organization promotes educating all who choose to use aromatherapy with animals.

 In 2017, she opened, UnBound the Center for Animal Wellness. A special needs day care to provide a “Whole” approach to their care.  This includes Earthing techniques to  state-of-the-art conditioning and training.  At the center, they hold educational courses from healing with energy to exercise for your senior pets.

 She has been the Scientific Advisor for varied essential oil companies for many years.  She is a published author of books, courses and videos.  A college professor since 2012 for Oriental medical students and sought after speaker on integrative medicine since 1997, worldwide.